Multi Hub with 1.9

My understanding is that multi hub function is available with 1.9. I am unable to activate it even though 1.9 was pushed out to me yesterday. The question I am asking relates to two dvrs and the multi hub. Currently I have a multi room dvr and a set-top box. I have added another dvr as well. So I am set up with 2 dvrs and a set-top box. Is it possible with the multi hub function to watch a recording on one dvr on the other dvr? Thanks.

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Re: Multi Hub with 1.9
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In Settings ... Name your DVR's and then select Refresh Devices in settings.  Both DVR's should appear on each DVR.  Then you can watch all of your recordings on either DVR and any other 7 series box.  6 Series also, but not anything recorded in HD.