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Release 1.9 is Great
Enthusiast - Level 3
I can watch my 3 dvr's in any room.The guide is beautiful and useful. I have no complaints at all.
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Re: Release 1.9 is Great
Enthusiast - Level 3

From what I read I was concerned; but overall it's fine!Robot wink

Re: Release 1.9 is Great
Specialist - Level 2

I don't understand either what all the complaints were about.  Mine came out last October and the only thing I had to do was replace my older analog TV with a flatscreen so I could read the text and so the graphics wouldn't be hard on my eyes.  Other than that, it's been fine.  I only had my analog TV for 6 years but now it's a dinosaur.

Re: Release 1.9 is Great
Enthusiast - Level 2

Agree.  I'm just fine with the guide the way it is.  Good to see a thread on here where people like the guide. 

Re: Release 1.9 is Great
Enthusiast - Level 2

Put me down as another person that loves the new guide. Multi-Hub is what I've been dying for & it is working pretty **bleep** (LOL: *darn*) good for me....

Of course some performance tweaks & some options for color schemes couldn't hurt (would love something similar to DirectTV dark theme)...but other than that pretty good.

Kudos Verizon FiOS Team!

Re: Release 1.9 is Great
Contributor - Level 1

After spending a few days with it, I'm used to it and it's fine.  My old eyes ain't what they used to be.  It's a fact that  most people hate change, esp. when you finally have things set the way you like them and it's working well.   Eventually most will adapt to the new and then hate the next upgrade again.  For ex: I know from being a pc tech that every new operating system is a challenge but you do get used to it and move on.