Setting up Home Network

I have an old Dell Dimension desktop running Windows XP with SP3.  It is connected to a Verizon Westell VersaLink router by Cat-5 cable.

I recently bought a Toshiba Satellite laptop with Windows 7 and SP1.

It is able to connect to the router wirelessly and access the Internet.

However, the two computers -- laptop and desktop -- are not able to connect directly to each other.

Can someone walk me through setting up a network?  I'm totally new to Windows 7, and I find much of it, including the networking features, totally alien.  So assume you're instructing someone stupid, please.

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Re: Setting up Home Network
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Hi NorrinRadd,

There are plenty of tutorials on setting up a network with mixed operating systems, so I'm not going to reinvent that wheel for you. You might find this site on sharing files and printers useful. It's got screen shots for both XP and Windows 7 so it's easy to follow.