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Toshiba laptop won't keep Internet connectivity
I recently replaced my old laptop with a Toshiba Portege. I entered the WEP security code on the FIOS wireless router, and everything worked great for about a day, after which I was unable to connect wirelessly to the Internet. The laptop recognized and connected to the router (signal strength is excellent), but could not make a subsequent connection through to the Internet -- but it says there is limited connectivity and I kept getting a message that the network can't be identified.
I did not have this problem before with my old laptop, nor do I have any problem connecting my other mobile devices when at home (e.g., iPad; iPhone). This would all point to a problem with the laptop, except for the fact that I only have this problem when connecting the laptop wirelessly through the FIOS router at home. I travel quite a bit, and have never had a problem with my new laptop connecting to the hotel wireless network. I also have no issue connecting to the wireless network at my office.
Recently, I updated the BIOS on my laptop, and suddenly everything worked fine again -- my laptop connected to the router automatically and I was able to access the Internet without reentering my WEP security code (which proves that it was and is still correctly saved on the laptop). Unfortunately, this lasted only two days, and now am back to the "limited connectivity"/identifying network".
Verizon claims that it's an issue with the laptop and not the Verizon equipment (because other devices are able to connect). On the other hand, Toshiba claims that it's an issue with the Verizon equipment and not with the laptop, because the laptop is able to connect to all other wireless networks except for one of my home through the FIOS router. I suspect that Toshiba and Verizon are both right and wrong -- I think it's some specific incompatibility between my laptop and the Verizon equipment -- I just don't know what it is or how to correct it.
I don't know whether Verizon limits the number of devices/computers that can be logged on wirelessly to a home network and although it doesn't pick this up immediately, it eventually shuts down access. I'm just spit balling here, but I am at a total loss (and at the end of my rope).
Has anyone else had a similar problem (and can hopefully offer a solution)?
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Re: Toshiba laptop won't keep Internet connectivity

Take a look at this thread,  this gentleman had a similiar problem (not toshiba, but the fix will be the same).

Give it a shot and let us know.

Re: Toshiba laptop won't keep Internet connectivity
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you might wanna try updating your wireless adapter via toshiba or thru the device wep is not secure setup wpa2-aes using 25 charactors or more.