Upgrading my ONT
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I have had service for 4 1/2 years now and I am sure the ONT installed is fairly out-dated what is the best wording I can use when calling support to generated a service person coming out to the house.  On another note, they were supposed to send me a Newer updated Revision F 10/100/1000 b/g/n/ router, well the one that was sent was an old Revision C router.  Verizon Support claims they wont send a tech out to bring a new router.  and everything they send is current stock and up to date.  We all know this is not true.  The same thing occured when I went to upgrade my Set Top Box.  I was lucky in that I had a phone tech nice enough to finagle a ticket to send out a tech, they came out with a new updated set top box.

Now I would like to have the same done for the ONT and the Router.

Anyone with any ideas I welcome your suggestions!

Thanks goes out to whomever can help



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