Using Modes

What I want to do seems rather simple but for the life of me I can't figure out how to do this

1. I want an away mode that turns off thermostats and turns on cameras

2. I want a "at home mode" that lets the thermostats work on their individual schedules and to turn cameras off.

basically I can't figure out how to turn the cameras on and off without using privacy button and I can't figure out out to turn off a "mode". I know I can set up another node but for thermostats it is not really the same thing as going back to the individual thermostat schedule.

Also if you have 3 demand modes and you run two modes - which takes priority. Does turning one one mode turn off the other two?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Using Modes

Similar problem. I would like my camera to go on and then trigger recording when there is motion. There will be obvious motion when I am home and I can't figure out how to trigger easily. I would not even mind setting it from my phone once I leave the house. Can I set a mode to turn on camera then let auto mode occur when there is motion?