Verizon Home Monitoring and Control
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As a long time customer of Verizon (wireless, Internet, FISOs TV, etc) I am very disappointed in the service and support  (or lack of) for Home Monitoring Control (HMC) product. After spending many dollars on the Home Monitoring System and receiving sub-standard quality, unreliable service and  constant system outages it is outrageous that VERIZON has not informed it's customers of it's plans to continue, discontinue, fix or support for this product.  If VERIZON plans discontinue this product then we will then be stuck with equipment that cannot be used elsewhere. I have continued with this product since it was offered, hoping that quality and support would improve and now it looks like VERIZON has abandoned both the product and us.

I would hope that all that has this service speak out and demand information on the status of this product and if it is to be discontinued that we get compensated for our investment or some other compensation. Customer service is the key in being successful and at this point it looks like VERIZON does not care about its customers. I left COMCAST years ago because they had bad products and service and now it looks like I made the mistake in switching to VERIZON.

Just venting at this point for I know we are just screwed!!!!

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Re: Verizon Home Monitoring and Control
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I hear you and agree 100%.