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Verizon MiFi and a home network
Contributor - Level 3

I have a friend who has to use a Verizon MiFi for his internet access at home (no DSL, no FIOS, no satellite). His unit can support up to 5 WiFi devices.  It is also 4G.

He has 3 wireless PCs in his home plus his wife has a iPhone. He also has a network capable printer (NOT wireless).

I would like to be able to get all the devices to talk to one another. Since the wireless signal from the MiFi doesn't penetrate his home very well, I would like to also install a repeater or AP.

Does the MiFi support this?

He has an unused (at this point) wireless router with 4-port switch. He also has a wireless device that can be set up as an AP with an additional 4-port switch.

[The first router is a unit that allows you to plug in a 3g USB wireless device to use for internet access.  He has since returned the 3g USB stick for the 4G Mifi. I think, but I am not sure, that the wireless router could be set up as a repeater to the MiFi.]

Does anyone have any advice on how to hook things up?

Can the MiFi be configured as a bridge?

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