Home and control page its not working.

Home and control page its currently unavailable, i have tried IE8 and the newer version of firefox with the adobe flash player and newest java script download, but still I cannot get, it will just be sitting there no loading at all. All other services and pages from the Verizon page will load.

Its been already 4 days and I don't see to get issue resolve. The page might be down IM just reporting to see if this its happening to anyone else and also I need to get the home and control. Thank you in advance.

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Re: Home and control page its not working.
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I use Chrome and Safari. The Home & Control page is working fine on both of them. So it's probably either a problem with your account or with IE. I haven't found IE to be the best browser so you might want to try downloading Chrome, Safari, FireFox or one of the others to use as a backup. That will also let you know if it's a browser related problem or something with your account which Verizon should be able to resolve. Good luck.