What's The Point Of Having DVRS If The Guide Is Incorrect?
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As the holiday season is upon us with a new year right around the corner verizon's guide issues still continue to get worse and worse with each day that passes with no end in sight as to verizon actually making an effort to correct the guide issues that currently exist. The schedules that verizon has running on their channels are so far off that it must be some sort of a sick inside joke to see how much the customers will take before they decide to go elsewhere for their services because of the reluctance to want to assist customers with all of the data that is wrong on the guide. If you want something corrected you are on your own since tickets that get created do not get worked on or looked at by the people who can make the necessary corrections. Now while i have been in touch with your guide provider and many of the channels on the guide to get things corrected (which i should not have to do) things have been getting fixed little by little but the frustrating thing is that even after i get them corrected for everyone who has fios for their tv service two weeks later it reverts back to being the same issues all over again. Very few people know that i have been doing this but if there is anyone at verizon who can actually assist with this issue then please do so because there are a lot of people who are having the same issues nationwide who are at the point where they are going to drop you if you do not fix the guide issues. I would be embarrassed to know if it were my company that was incapable of providing something that people are paying for and that the customers have to do my job for me rather than those who are being paid to do it so if you can assist those of us who have these guide issues please do so or at least give people a reason as to why you are not doing so rather than saying that it is a known issue. It being a known issue and a company doing nothing about it is truly disturbing because then the perception will be that apathy is the reason for not wanting to correct the guide problems.  

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Re: What's The Point Of Having DVRS If The Guide Is Incorrect?

Have you voted here. Get rid of FYI and what ever additional provider adds data. What good is all the additional info, if it is all wrong. Nice guide bad data.


OK mm1, I see you had voted.

Re: What's The Point Of Having DVRS If The Guide Is Incorrect?
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And the same problem continues. Last night I missed recording the entire second half of Nashville because the guide incorrectly listed a non-existent broadcast on WJLA (DC Metro area ABC network station) from 10:30 - 11 PM. I happened to be home and noticed at 10:55 that the recording light was off on the DVR. A quick check with the guide and the dvr recording history revealed the problem. This was my first experience with this issue but I see from doing a web search that it is not a new one. Even if another guide service cost VZ more, how much more would it cost subscribers when that cost was spread among all the FIOS TV subscribers? Couldn't be much. Of course, I won't even get into the very slow DVR response to the remote control, the occasional sound drop-outs and a case of entirely recording a program's video signal but with no audio recorded! All of these issues I've noted from web searches to be well documented by others for at least the past 2 years. I hate to say it, but it seems that the only thing that may convince VZ to act on these issues is if we all "vote with our feet."