Where do you report 1.9 bugs?
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I'm in NJ and have 1.9 for a couple days now.  Has anyone seen anything like this yet???

Here's the setup...

On channel 502, at 3PM watching Dr. Phil live (not recorded), at 4PM Judge Judy records on the same channel.  While watching Judge Judy live, as it's recording, the skip back button doesn't work, although it's well into the show (say 4:20).  The skip back  just "skips" to about the same point that you're watching.   Meanwhile the menu bar says "Dr. Phil" which is incorrect, and the progress bar for "Dr. Phil" is filled, with the marker at the very end (far right), like it would be at the moment it should've changed to "Judge Judy" at 4PM.  

Does that make sense??   It's happened two days in a row now.   Also, while watching Judge Judy and TRYING to skip back (when the menu incorrectly reads "Dr. Phil"), if you keep trying to skip back the picture eventually locks up/freezes.  

Anyone else experiencing that?  

I had the new STB, the 7232 500GB model for a long time, well before the 1.9 update.  This is a new issue that only started after 1.9.  

Overall though, I love 1.9 so far, ALTHOUGH I do see how some are complaining about the tiny font sizes in some of the sub-menus... especially if you're watching on a smaller HDTV screen.   (I have a 50" so it's not a problem for us).

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Re: Where do you report 1.9 bugs?
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This is a good place to report them.  The forum is monitored.