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instant movie issue
Enthusiast - Level 1

Can anyone help me resolve a problem I have watching instant movies using a Roku box with my wireless home network, please?  Sometimes the movies play well, but often they are interrupted and the Roku tries to reload but often cannot.  The wireless router for the Fios system is upstairs, but the movies will play using a laptop with the wireless network in the same room as the Roku(sometimes they pause there too but not as severely).  I had Verizon increase the download speed to tier 3 (upto 35Mbytes/sec supposedly), but that did not help.  Roku reset the firmware, but to no avail.  thanks in advance.

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Change the channel
Enthusiast - Level 3

You don't mention which version of WiFi you are using. If you're using 802.11n, then it should deal with interference on the different frequencies automatically. If you are using 802.11b or 802.11g, then you should try changing the WiFi channel used by the wireless router. The default setting is Channel 6; try Channel 1 or Channel 11 instead. If there are other WiFi networks in your vicinity, chances are good that they are on Channel 6 (nobody bothers to change the default setting). You may be getting intermittent interference from the other networks, and changing the channel may resolve the problem.

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