How do i return this system??
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I would like to return the home monitoring system.I never took it out of its box.I called and cancelled and Verizon sent a email so it is cancelled.I am waiting for an email from ups for over a week.Today I called again and talked to 4 (four) different guys and nobody new how to get ups to send me a shipping label.The last guy the so-called monitoring guy said i could just bring it to the ups store and they would deal with it.or bring it to a verizon store.So I drove to the Verizon store and quess what.They looked at the monitoring box like it had herpes."We don't take those" and I said BUT BUT the monitoring guy said you do.Needless to say I left with my box.After reading the other posts about the ups store,I'm a little concered that if I drop it at ups it might end up in a dumpster.Anybody got any ideas.

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