car senser needed for hoem control system
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I would reely like it f i had a drivay sensre that would alert me if there is a unwelcome viator so i knwo ahed of the time before they get to my door. Also i would need to have a car remote tool to not send an alret if the person lives there but show an alert that dad or mom has arived so the system can keep track of the time when the person leves and arives. Also i would like to have a card reaader and pin code tsystem that i can have prgrameed for othere famly members who do not live there but show up every once and a while where they can swip the card or enter there pin code which would show there that they have arived and if you ad a way to incoprate this into a morterized gate for cars it would also help control who is alowed to park in the drivway.

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