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How about an iPad native app for Home Monitoring?

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@techmasterflash wrote:

How about an iPad native app for Home Monitoring?


This recommendation has been submitted in Verizon Idea Exchange:


Suggestions for any Verizon service/product/offering on the internet, telephone or TV can be made in the 'Idea Exchange' section of the Verizon Community Forums where it'll be noticed more by other Verizon community members as well as Verizon employees who can bring up individual ideas to the appropriate teams.

Also, forum members can vote on the posted idea for greater emphasis.

Please see:

http://forums.verizon.com/t5/Verizon-Idea-Exchange-FAQs/Idea-Exchange-FAQs/td-p/231267 for more details.

The direct link to the Idea Exchange section is found here: