message on hm&c fios tv app (widget) is true?
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OK, today, 10 days after the official end of Verizon's experiment known as hm&c , i turned on TV and went to the hm&c widget, i read the following:  

Thank you for inquiring about Verizon's Home Monitoring and Control service.

Verizon no longer offers Home Monitoring and Control to new customers; however, we continue to support our existing subscribers. this is not correct, and is misleading....

We are developing the next generation of this innovative service, so stay tuned for announcements about a new version of Home Monitoring and Control. is this true?

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this is  not true, they are not supporting current customers, nexiahome is......however i'm interested in that last statement....does anyone have any further info on this "new version"? 

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