Re: FIOS Channels Change By Themselves
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Obviously, channels will change for scheduled recordings.  Channels do not change back after recordings.

I'm going to assume you don't have a Slingbox or another device connected that one of your friends or relatives might be using to watch TV, remotely.

Are you certain you don't have some remote under a cushion somewhere that could be causing the problem?  If you live in an apartment or condo, do you have any neighbors that might have cable with a Motorola STB or DVR?  All Motorola STBs and DVRs from all providers use the same IR codes, so they could potentially interfere if in close proximity.

I've also heard of Bose systems interferring with IR control on some equipment, although I can't recall ever reading about that in relation to a Motorola DVR.

You might try covering up the IR receiver on the front of the Verizon DVR with a piece of tape and then see if the random channel changes still occur.   If they don't, then you could use a RF remote extender.  Many RF remote extenders feature a RF receiver that you sticky onto the IR receiver on the front of the box; this, and/or tape on top of it, can block out all other IR signals so the box can only be controlled by RF signals.  

Re: FIOS Channels Change By Themselves

Thanks for all your efforts.  A little more info:

Remote batteries are fresh.

Issue is not related to recordings starting.

There are no other odd devices connected to the DVR or Bose.

No one else is using a remote of any kind within 500-feet of the house.

The channel changing is not as if someone is sitting on the remote.  Besides just sequentially channeling up and down, it bounces to channels all over the board; and has even gone into the guide and menus going up and down the lists and selecting things (though the menu thing has only happened a couple of times).

Though I'm not too hopeful it's an IR issue, I'll try taping off the IR receiver on the DVR - will have to wait a few days to know if that has any effect, since this is such an intermittent (though frequent) occurrence.

Could something be going on in the cabling to the house that would cause the DVR to get signals from Beyond?

Truly - Thank you for putting your brains to this issue.

Re: FIOS Channels Change By Themselves
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Seems your next step would be to call Verizon and have a tech come fix the problem.