4G LTE Network Extender keeps restarting all day

I purchased new S21 5G Ultra in March had several network issues, was advised my old 3G extender needs to be replaced. I purchased new 4G LTE extender  had for about 3 weeks now.  People calling me calls go right t VM or ring twice get message this number xxx xxx xxxx is not available and then hangs up.  When this happens the extender shows 0/14 devices connected. So the phone loses connection. Then as I sit working next to the extender all day it keeps restarting several times throughout the day.  So I have a $1200 phone and $270 extender and have worse service ever.  I had a S7Edge and 3G extender for ever and no problems.  You upgrade and service is worse.  This is week 3 I have been calling Tier 2 support and no one can seem to fix my issue.   I have elder parent who need to have contact with me this is unacceptable.  I have had Verizon for at least 20yrs if this can not be resolved soon I may have to find another provider.

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Customer Service Rep

We want to ensure your network extender is properly activated and connecting to our network as expected, CASPER01. Please send us a Private Note for assistance.