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I have discovered my Jetpack doesn't transmit as much "hot spot" WiFi "power" as my phone. A speed test using the phone as the hot spot is significantly than the speed using the 5510. It varies but one recent example: phone = 10 Mbps down, 4.5 up...JetPack = 0.85 Mbps down, 0.37 up. Is that normal or to be expected? I only took the Jetpack option because the salesperson said I'd have "issues" using the phone, as a phone and hot spot simultaneously. I returned to a Verizon store, explained all this to one of the sales reps and he didn't suggest any options...

I can see a possibility of phone issues but with the lackluster speeds, the JetPack is pretty much worthless and I can deal with a dropped call.

Thanks in advance...

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> 10 Mbps down, 4.5 up...JetPack = 0.85 Mbps down, 0.37 up

Sounds like there is an issue with the Jetpack.  The speed test results reported here are outside of the normal 4G LTE range of 5-12 Mbps.  If your Jetpack is connecting to 4G LTE then there definitely is a problem.  If your Jetpack is somehow connecting to 3G or lower then those results are somewhat more expected and a configuration change should be able to fix that.

First steps you can do is reset the Jetpack to the defaults.  Use the Restore Defaults button under the back cover of the Jetpack for this one.  The Jetpack needs to be powered on while the button is held down for the reset to work.  This may clear up any temporary issues with the Jetpack configuration.

If that doesn't work then the next step is to remove the SIM card and battery for 60 seconds and reassemble.  Pulling the SIM forces the Jetpack to renegotiate with the local towers incase its connecting to the wrong ones in the area.

If the resets don't work then the Jetpack may be defective.  You would need to contact VZW and work through the warranty options they have for you.  Share the info you learned from the previous two tests to see if you can skip any troubleshooting at that level, but they may ask you to redo the steps anyways.

The key detail here are the speed test results.  A 4G LTE connection should be atleast 5 Mbps, especially when another Verizon device sitting next to it can outperform it by a significant amount.