AC791L Jetpack - Bug Report

I guess this is the only way to file a bug report.  If you are aware of a better method to file a bug report for the Jetpack, please let me know.

1.  When Verizon cell network knock it down to 1x from 4G LTE, I see the same on my iPhone, so this is a common issue here where I am currently.  But while my iPhone get back up to 4G quickly, this Mifi does not.  A reboot restore the 4G status.  Please provide an option to refresh the cell network connection, or do it a bit more frequently (i.e. when there is a request via Wifi for data.)

2.  When blocking my iPhone from using its Wifi, all of the devices get knocked off.  Only a reboot would restore connections for the UNBLOCKED devices.  The remaining device keep on being blocked anyway, which is as expected.

3.  When checking for software updates on the Mifi, it always throw an error.  On the web, it would alternate between throwing an error, and saying that I am up to date.  I have not enabled logs so I do not know what the error message is.

Feature request:  Provide numerical percentage instead of an icon for battery life.  It is difficult to determine whether or not I need to charge the Mifi or not. Even better, estimated time remaining would be a nice option.

Thank you.


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