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So sorry to bother you all on this but I too have the same Verizon Extender that has aquired the GPS and all lights are blue but since changing ISP's, I cannot get anything that resembles a clear outgoing or incoming call, frustrating not only myself but anyone that I am attempting to call. When making a call i can see that it is going thru my extender to my router but nothing but garbled voice in an out but mostly out (upload). I have 26/3 up/down and can prove the speeds but still nothing but garbled outgoing voice since changing to my new ISP. Any advice guys would help. I cannot call out to ask Verizon or Samsung or anyone else for assist. The extender has worked well for years but now that I have changed ISP's and they provided their router I am stuck with the above problem. Very Frustrating!

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We want to make sure you are all set with your service. With regard to your service. Let's look into this more. What service provider did you change to? Have you contacted them regarding your service and current package plan with them? There may be a difference in the connection speeds compared to your previous provider.


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