Bad luck or bad quality? On to 4G Network Extender # 4...

Last year I purchased the first one (3/16 manufacture date). It worked for the most part, but I found that when I was connected and did any sort of speed test from my phone I'd get no more that 1-2 Mbps download and upload speeds. Figured it was normal. After I began dropping calls I contacted VZW tier 3 support they said that my internet (Comcast) was the issue after VOIP testing and my Quality Of Service was the reason. Since Comcast would do nothing to fix it I switched to Fios. I would still miss or drop the occasional call but some service was better than none. I averaged 70-85 dBm whenever I was connected to the extender and close to 120 dBm without. After I began dropping and missing more and more calls I finally called VZW and demanded a replacement extender.

VZW replaced it and I actually received two extenders in error (3/17 manufacture dates), one of which was going back. Although it would be assigned an IP address by my router, the first would not connect to the VZW network. Factory reset it several times and after researching the issue configured the router to open specific ports. Customer support tried to assist without success. Of course that was the one that I returned.

Extender number three worked great without any problems and lasted 3 months. Speed tests from my phone were good with an average of 60 Mbps on both the upload and download. Suddenly two weeks ago it would not receive a GPS signal. I had never had this issue before. All of the extenders were placed a few feet from a window and I tried with both the GPS adapter and wire. Reboots and resets did nothing to alleviate the problem. When logging into the extender from my PC the router was providing an IP address but I saw a GPS error issue dealing with voltage (forgot the exact wording). Since I’m on call for my job 24/7 (Nexus 6P doesn’t support wifi calling) I requested another replacement.

On to extender number four (5/17 manufacture date) which I plugged in this morning. Saw this one had a a different power adapter included , an actual brick. Old one was made by Shenzhen Honor Electric and the new one Weihai Sungho Elctronics. Input amps and voltage were increased from 0.8A to 1.0A and 100-240v to 100-250v. Not sure if it will make a difference, but we’ll see. At least they replaced all the extenders at no cost to me.

Its a shame that my home is one of the few places where I lose service. On top of that most carriers are terrible in my neighborhood. Sprint and T-Mobile get poor to no service. I'm not sure about AT&T, but I may have to try them if the problem continues.

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mistamista2000- we want to make sure you are a satisfied customer and that you have a working Network Extender. Before you begin looking at other carriers, please let us know if you have any issues with your new replacement. We would love to assist you and we are always here for you.


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