Can I use mobile hotspot with thermostat

I have a house that's 3 hours away.  I'll visit once or twice a month.  There's no cable or fiber to the house.  I'm entertaining satellite internet,  but it seems like speeds are better with a WiFi hotspot.  The not so orignal idea I have is to use a mobile hotspot with my Verizon plan to monitor the HVAC.  I've upgraded my plan to accommodate a hotspot. But as I'm reading here, it doesn't sound like this will actually work.  Everyone seems to say the mobile hotspots aren't reliable enough.  Is this still true (threads are dated)?  The  HVAC installer can provide a cellular connection to the thermostat.  But I thought maybe I could apply what I'd pay for cellular for that one device, and enjoy "Wifi" via my mobile hotspot for other devices I wanted to access remotely: video, lights, etc.  

My questions:  Is this possible?  Advisable?  Any mobile hotspot better than another?

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Re: Can I use mobile hotspot with thermostat
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Hello, John! Thank you for reaching out to me today. I'm happy to help answer your question. Just to confirm, you're wanting to know if you can connect to your HVAC System using the Mobile Hotspot on your device? To answer that question, if the HVAC systems allow you to connect to the system using your hotspot(if the system picks up your device as a wifi network), I don't see any reason why you wouldn't be able to use it to control everything you need to control.  I completely understand the concern there though. There's no need to pay for extra services if you're not there much. I would definitely give it a try, and if that doesn't work we do off Verizon Home Internet Devices, as well as Verizon Fios. We have some really good prices on our plans, just in case you need to add home internet. Take  a look and let us know what you think: I hope this information was helpful 🙂