Can't access my Server.

I have a laptop and an iPhone connected by Wi-Fi to a Jetpack AC791L. The laptop has a server service running that I would like to access from my cell phone. When I try to connect, I get a message stating the server can't be found.

When using a public Wi-Fi system, it works.

Any ideas?

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Either your Jetpack has a Wireless Isolation feature enabled that disables local clients from communicating with each other or you are trying to access your server from the phone via a public IP.

You should be able to look through the User Guide and determine if your Jetpack has a wireless isolation feature and turn it off.  Wireless isolation is normally useful when operating an access point for guest users where you don't want them to be able to see your locally connected devices.

Otherwise any communication into a Jetpack via public IP will have to go through the Verizon NAT and will be blocked unless that server or service reaches out and establishes a connection to you first.  My guess is that you are experiencing the Verizon NAT firewall blockage feature that has been around since the beginning of 4G LTE.

To confirm simply look up the IP address of the server you are trying to reference from your phone.  If its 100.x.x.x then its referring to the public IP address of the laptop and not the local address.

The only workarounds to the Verizon NAT are:

1. Setup and configure a VPN

2. Purchase a static IP from Verizon

3. Switch to a VZW product that offers a free static IP

4. Terminate and switch to a provider that offers a free/cheap static IP

In your case there may be another option depending on the application and server environment you have configured. Simply switch to local IPs instead of public IPs and the phone and laptop should be able to find and communicate with each other as if it were a home/public WiFi hotspot.  We would have to know the name of your application/server combo to be of further assistance.

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John_Getzke, thank you for that information. Is this server that you are connecting to a VPN? Are any other mobile devices able to connect to this via your Jetpack outside of our iPhone?



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