Can the Mifi 7730L Jetpack be configured to turn on automatically?

I have a Mifi 7730L. I am using this in a field research situation, where I have a device that captures audio recordings, and then periodically looks for a wifi connection to upload those recordings to the cloud.

The Mifi is connected to a solar panel during the day, so the battery stays fully charged until dusk. The problem is that sometime during the night, the battery dies, and then even once the solar panel kicks in the next morning and charges the device, it stays off until the Power button is manually pressed.

I've looked through all the settings and spent a bunch of time on Google, but I can't find a way to change this. Is there any way to reprogram this behavior so that the device turns on once it starts to get power?

We tried putting a battery between the solar panel and the Mifi, but after trying batteries ranging from $20 to $100, we can't find any that will charge while being charged, keep the Mifi powered all night, and then recharge itself the next day. So, we're back to just trying to get the Mifi working by itself.

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> Is there any way to reprogram this behavior so that the device turns on once it starts to get power?


Jetpacks are not designed to be an automatic booting device like a USB modem or home router.  That being said, perhaps you could explore setting up a USB modem and home router combination for your scenario and have better luck.  There are various home routers that either come with a VZW modem built in or can take an external VZW USB modem.

Check out Cradlepoint routers for more info.  A cradlepoint router would be programed to boot up and dial into VZW.  Not sure how appropriate they are for an outdoor situation that you are describing though.  They also might have a higher power requirement than a jetpack and may need a larger solar array to function unless you can turn down the radio to a similar level.

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Hi, MIKESCHA, I appreciate your efforts in researching and digging deep to answer this question. We have checked our resources, and to date, there does not appear to be any information that we can find to reprogram the Mifi 7730L to be configured to turn on automatically. Here is a link that provides support for your Mifi Jetpack.



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