Continuous disconnects when using Verizon LTE aircard or Jetpack
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I have two devices on my Verizon account - a smartphone and a data-only device (currently a VL600 USB aircard modem).

I've been having a problem with my Verizon LTE service on my dedicated data device for the past year.  My Ellipsis Jetpack had the problem, so I transferred the service back to my old VL600 modem to see if it was related to the Jetpack.  The problem did not go away, it is exatly the same on the VL600.   It has been getting progressively worse with time.   The device will lose its internet connection (web/email/ftp connections time out), then the device will not re-connect.  The device must be power cycled to regain the connection.  In the case of the Jetpack, this involved a full power-off and power-on.  In the case of the VL600, it must be unplugged from the USB port and then plugged back in.

In a typical day where I am using my mobile connection only, I must power cycle the device every 2 to 5 minutes (40-60 times per day) to keep using the internet.   Occasionally, I may see a stable connection that will last for 20 or 30 minutes, but this is rare.

This problem has been:

1.) present on two different LTE data devices (VL600 USB aircard and Jetpack)

2.) on two different Verizon data plans (6GB limit and unlimited)

3.) on two different SIM cards (one for the Jetpack, another for the aircard).  Verizon mailed me a new SIM card for the VL600 last year.

4.) when using the connection on any device (desktop computer, laptop, tablet)

5.) In any location across the country (I have used the service all across the country from California to Pennsylania, the problem is the same everywhere)

6.) firmware on both devices was confirmed to be up-to-date

7.) present during peak and off-peak hours.   I have seen the problem at any time of the day or night.

8.) Present at the beginning of my billing cycle when I have not yet reached the 20GB throttling threshold as well as after I reach 20GB on my unlimited plan. Again, the problem was present before I was on the unlimited plan, so it cannot be related to data usage.

9.) present while my Verizon smartphone (on the same account, sharing data with the aircard) maintains a normal internet connection with no problems

10.) Does not follow any pattern of specific web site visits or application usage

11.) Seems to happen most frequently during periods of brief inactivity (10 to 60 seconds, for example when reading a news article), but not always.

It appears that the network or tower is disconnecting the device, but is not allowing it to automatically re-connect.

The problem has reached the point where the service is virtually unusable.  I  must *constantly* power cycle the device to maintain my connection. 

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It's important to have a data device that you can rely on, i64wb2. You certainly should not have to power cycle every 2-5 minutes. I understand you're using your USB card at the moment. When your USB card is connected to your computer, what color is the LED light? Is it solid or blinking? Is there any physical/liquid damage to either device? Are you only using the USB and jetpack to connect one device to data? If so, has there been any changes on that device since the connection issue began? Are you able to use the Mobile Hotspot feature on your phone to successfully provide a wireless hotspot connection to the same device?




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