De-prioritized data

I understand the concept but are speeds less than 100kbps the norm? I live in a rural area and can’t believe the tower is that busy. Even if it is, this jetpack is useless at those speeds. Verizon will not answer my questions about a minimum speed I can expect. Anyone else experiencing such cruddy service?

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If you have gone over your soft cap then VZW reserves the right to prioritize your internet connection whenever there is contention on your local towers.  You may live in a rural area with few users but your tower may also have a very low capacity to accomodate them.  This makes it relatively easy to get into the prioritization territory.

Check your VZW data usage.  If you are over your soft cap and getting prioritized then all you can do is try at off peak hours and wait for the billing cycle to restart.  Try to keep high data consumption to a minimum or the end of the month.

If you are not over your cap and getting slow speeds anyways then there might be an issue with your Jetpack.  In that case try the followign resets to see if the problem is temporary:

1. Reboot the Jetpack

2. Remove the back cover, remove the SIM, let it sit for a minute or two, reassemble and try again

3. Remove the back cover, find and press the Reset button with a paper clip for 15 seconds, try again


Still not working after the resets then contact VZW for warranty support or replacement options.