Do i need another line to dedicate a hotspot ?


I do not have any experience with "hotspots". My account has 2 lines, both of which are "5G Do More" (as for hotspot on my plan it says (25 GB premium mobile hotspot data, then unlimited lower-speed data)

I live in IL me and my wife each have our own phones. We own a "cabin" in WI, it is very remote as in cable, tv and internet(thier is NONE available). It's all antenna's and towers. When we are up there both of our phones work just fine on the 5G/4G network.

What I want to do is install a hotspot deivce up there strictly for security cameras. I do not understand how it works. Obviously neither one of us are going to leave our phone up there to create the hotspot which I am assuming is required to use the hot spot data for each line.

Is the only option to get another line to dedicate to a hotspot device ? I also welcome and suggestions for good hotspot devices.

Thanks for your time.



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Good morning Shawn, we have an option for you, I will send you a DM directly, and we can continue the conversation from that place.