Do my Jetpacks have the same IP address or can they have the same IP address?

I am streaming Hulu live through my jetpacks but in order to stream on all my TV's we got two jetpack ellipsis but to stream through both they would need to have the same IP address.

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Devices must be unique on a given network otherwise collisions will happen, resulting in no traffic to either of them. 

Your Jetpack has two IP Addresses associated with it at a given time:

- Private local network IP such as 192.168.1.x, how your local devices see it

- Public WAN IP such as 100.x.x.x, how the rest of the world sees it

The problem with many Jetpacks is that the Public WAN IP belongs to the Verizon NAT firewall system.  Your Jetpack is not uniquely identified unless some traffic from your Jetpack reaches out to the resource that you want first.  This stops many users from hosting various web apps and services such as xbox live, ip cameras and other msc internet services.

There are two options to consider:

1. Two Jetpacks with two seperate VZW network connections and two data plans

2. Two Jetpacks with one VZW network/data plan and a wireless bridged connection between the primary and secondary jetpacks.

I would assume you are attempting option number 2 and attempting to reuse the same VZW data plan for two Jetpacks.  If so then you would need to connect the two jetpacks onto the same local network somehow.  However, the two jetpacks will not have the same local network Address.  One will act as the default gateway to connect to VZW.  The other will act as a normal wireless client to extend the first Jetpacks network to another area.  You do not want both Jetpacks to have the same local network IP, that will break them both.

Please clarify what you mean by needing to have two Jetpacks on the same IP address.  As you described it what you are asking about is not possible.  You might be misunderstanding some instructions from the manufacturer or whoever is assisting you with this configuration.