Don't put up with Verison's lies.

Verizon Wireless was contacted by phone after sending me a notice on my Verizon account that my device would be disabled at the end of 2022. There suggestion was to upgrade. The Verizon rep. said that a 72 hour trial of the new device was available at no charge if the device was returned to a corporate store within 72 hours. This information was also relayed to my spouse by Verizon since my spouse's name was on the account. The Verizon rep. said all details would be documented in the account. After receiving the device and determining that it does not work well in my area, I returned it to the Forest City Verizon store 48 hours after receiving it. Employees at the store argued that there was no such thing as a 72 hour trial. They said the only way they would accept the device was if I paid a restocking fee. They refused to call Verizon with the account information and investigate the details. My spouse called Verizon and argued that the store was saying something different than what was agreed to in the initial account setup. Meanwhile the Verizon store employee told me that they have a different system than the online upgrade division and they would charge me $50 to return the device. This was completely opposite of what was agreed to during the account setup on the phone. So, after driving for an hour and spending an hour in the store I had no resolution to the problem. The lies told by Verizon employees to make a sale have been a reoccurring event. Verizon is using deceptive business practices to steal money from consumers. I have chosen to use another carrier but feel that I have been taken advantage of again by Verizon.

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Customer Service Rep

Hello, Ro99! We understand the situation. To further assist you, I will be sending you a PM, so we can check this together and find out the best resolution.