Ellipsis doesn't have good service compared to our phones

We have had trouble with out Ellipsis MHS815L since we got it.  It never has good service but our cell phones have always had full bars and we are in a good area for service.  We've never had any problems with our previous jetpack with service.  We usually get frustrated with the elipsis and just turn our phone into a hotspot.  I have tried turning it off and on, resetting it, taking the sim card out and back in, and moving it all through my house.  The most it will get is 2 bars if I'm lucky and then it will just say "no service available".  I would like help getting this resolved because I really don't want to pay to get out of a contract but I don't want to pay for something that doesn't work either!! Please help me!!

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You’ve done all we could ask you to do, ARIWOO86. You even went to the step of using the phones’ hotspot feature. I’ve sent you a private message so we can take the next steps to get this taken care of. Please check your community inbox.


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