Extending WIFI with 8800L jetpack
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I live in a very rural area. We get our Internet from a 8800L jetpack, which works just fine, giving me around 20-30Mbps. We also use a network repeater to get the signal throughout the house. But I also need signal in a work shed, that is about 300ft from the house on the opposite side where the jetpack is located. The jetpack's signal is too weak there, but I can connect to the repeater's network, which is very weak. Makes it hard to even listen to Spotify while I work.

Should I get another repeater? Would that connect to the already repeated network? Would that hurt the bandwidth? I don't need fast speeds, but listening to Spotify and the music stopping and playing is not fun.

Other suggestions?

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Having a reliable network is important and we want to make sure that you can stream all the music that you want. What is your ZIP Code? What kind of signal repeater are you using?