Gear S2 Classic Sound Issues

I just received my Samsung Gear S2 Classic yesterday and I am having issues getting sound notifications. I went into the settings tab on my watch and I am missing the "sound" button, it goes from "Style" to "Vibration" to "Device" with no option to adjust the sound. Please if anyone knows how to fix this issue I would greatly appreciate any help.

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Verizon Employee

It's important to be able to change the settings on your wearable, Shanny86. Did you purchase an LTE version of the Gear S2 Classic from Verizon that is active on your wireless account? Please verify that this is the correct device: Samsung Gear S2 classic Support | Verizon Wireless as I was not able to locate the settings that you indicated you saw on your watch. When reviewing the user guide for the S2 Classic the Vibration option is located within the Sounds settings. The option before this is Volume. If this is indeed the correct device, are you able to pull down on the touch screen from your home menu in order to view your sound volume? Is your device showing that the software is up to date: Install Device Software Update - Samsung Gear S2 / Gear S2 Classic | Verizon Wireless  ?


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