Great service, unbearably slow internet!

This isn't the first time this has happened with this hotspot!  It worked perfectly in this location for nearly a week, now IF the Internet will load on my iPhone 5 it takes forever!  I've tried ever suggestion ive read including resetting.  I've read some stuff about doing a survey to verify service, I call BS on that!  This has happened with it before in the same location.  This is on an unlimited business plan...but I have a hunch that I'm hitting a certain number of GB and the system is limiting my use.  I would bet money it goes back to normal when the next billing cycle starts.  What a ripoff!  Completely pissed about the situation right now.  It sits without being used (while we continue to pay) for 6 months, and now when I try to use it heavily for 2-3 weeks before it sits agsin I get limited.  Unacceptable!!!

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We're saddened to see you feel this way Fireguy30. We want our customers to experience the best service possible when you need it and everywhere you need it. Let's take a further look into this and make sure we do everything we can to ensure we get you back to great service.

What device make and model is it? You mentioned it worked well in that location for a week, does performance improve in other locations? What do you normally use the hotspot for? Please describe what you mean when you say heavily use it. How many GBs do you average a month? How is the speed when it's working well?

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