HUM false issues

HUM Speaker worked a month.  When it wouldn’t connect, response was we are having issues.  Same response for months.  I put it away.  Soon my battery started to drain, multiple jumps over months.  I had the battery checked, it was fine. HUM started telling me I had crank issues.  Had battery checked, it was fine.  Continued battery warnings.  Charged my battery often, jumped when car wouldn’t start. Next my alarm kept going off.  Had battery checked again, it was fine, AAA refused to put in a new battery as mine was in good shape according to their diagnoses.  Started searching, found this forum, pulled HUM out of my car.  No more problems.  Discontinued my HUM with Verizon, guess what my monthly bill went up!  What the heck.  My advise, get this thing out of your car and toss it!

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Customer Service Rep

We're disappointed to learn of your experience with the HUM device and that you chose to disconnect the service, Shes1. Removing a line from your account should not increase your bill. When was the device disconnected? Have you reviewed the bill to see why there was an increase? -Danielle