High hot spot data usage averaging 6.3GB every 6 hours!
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Working from a remote site within LA where no carrier wants to dig due to hazmat issues underground.  Using 100GB Verizon data plan with Netgear Nighthawk MR1100 purchased after something happen that changed the ability to get signal in the building.  Which worked fine for 8 years prior.  Antennas were installed on roof of the brick building to bring in the voice and data and a repeater.   Worked great so bumped up hot spot data plan in anticipation of a temporary work project.   TLink Router connected to Netgear Hot Spot allowed for several devices to connect via WiFi.  Two Wzye V2 cameras, Hisense and Samsung Smart TV's(plugged in but off), HP Inkjet printer (web services turned off),  Android Tablet (off), iPhone 8,  and Windows laptop.  

I made sure no video streaming from TV's after I got 10GB usage warning with 28 days left in cycle.  Last night I got 10GB left on 100GB plan with 14 days left while at dinner, nothing should have been on and I had the iPhone.  Hours late at 5:50am data usage 0GB left!  Checked Verizon data usage log and 36hours early the data usage started getting used at an average of 6.3GB every 6 hours!!!  I can't figure out what is using the data.  

I unplugged TV's from wall, as well as Android, turned off Wyze cameras, and only thing left on is laptop and HP Officejet 8600 printer (web services off).  I still need to complete project but hesitant to purchase 5GB at $35 without knowing what's using  up the data so fast!  

Windows usage on laptop says 16.3GB over last 19 days.  iPhone says 12GB ( it did connect to hot spot via WiFi when in the building but is now off), and I don't know what else to check.  Netgear says 132GB used by one devices (TPLink Router) and my laptop connected to TPLink.  So it appears the data was being used.  The billing cycle was not synced with the Netgear but now is so I can check).

There are some gamers next door, other side of brick wall so I changed the password on the Netgear mobile hot spot.  

Anyone have some ideas on how to or what else can be done to test this?

Frustrated in Torrance!  Verizon 5G Home still does not work here 😞


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Diablita42, seems there's some questions about the data use. We’ve sent a Private Note, so we can assist further.