High usage when not using device

I bought a new Verizon Orbic Speed Mobile Hot Spot a little over a month ago.

To start out, I went with the 50 Gig plan. I sent it to my son in Florida.

He went through 50 Gigs in less than a week with very little usage.

We waited until the new month started. He watched TV with the Roku for exactly 1 hour.

7 Gigs used already. I have AT&T at home and leave the Roku and TV on hours on end

and only use around 150 Gig a month.

The only thing connected to it is the Roku.

Why is his usage running so High?

Thank you. Ed

Re: High usage when not using device
Customer Service Rep


Ed as to with any streaming device, it does depend on what he is streaming, and how much it will pull from the data usage. *Rhonda