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Our plan has a jet pack device on it that is no longer under contract (and hasn’t been for a few months now). Today we called to disconnect the device from our account since we don’t really ever use it. The customer service rep tried five or six times to sell us a tablet or smart watch instead of just disconnecting the device like we asked. She then told us the device will be disconnected as of the last day of our billing cycle. Really?! We can change plans and add devices in the middle of a cycle but as soon as Verizon might lose five bucks, all of a sudden proration doesn‘t exist? My blood is boiling right now. We have never missed a payment and we fulfilled our obligations under the two-year contract we had on the device, but Verizon wants to turn a simple and reasonable request into into an inconvenient and drawn-out process and is sure to bleed every dime from us that it can. We’re looking at replacing our phones this month and I’m strongly considering switching carriers if Verizon can’t resolve something this simple without creating a hassle for us.

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I would read through the pages of leaders at Verizon and see which one you need to call or write to about this matter

Good luck

Let us know how you make out

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Thank you for the link. I sent a message. We‘ll see if the customer service reps in the executive offices are any better.