Hotspot UX redundancy

When say…. Your internet gets cut off for whatever reason and your cell service is shotty  so you have to use your hotspot on your phone, why wouldnt you show your hotspot in your lists of available wifi networks. then show that you are actively connected to it??? Yes we all know about the interlocking symbol in the top right of the screen. But it doesnt always show that, and most people leave there hotspots on all the time anyways… (thats by design from verizon software devs so that you never really know hown many gigs have already been used) Customers can turn off your hotspot…. But, like magic, somehow its back on next time you look…. Knowing very well you did not turn it back on….little things like this, its 2023…. This should not be issues at this point.Like reconnecting service for late payment or  whatever, there are streaming services, my towns utility services are automated. Electric…. Almost all service providers can reactivate services in a matter of minutes. Verizon claims 1Hour…. But also says “up to 24hrs to restore service…..” do cable companies really save money from jipping people out of a prorate of downtime without internet??  Dont the execs have enough billions that they would want to make a better product for the people that made them billions… Hurry up Starlink and got public… one step closer to worldwide free internet…. Put cable companies out of business….. 

a 7hr waiting angry customer missing MNF because of fios antiquated systems.

(Get some millennials on your board, then maybe yallcan figure out what the people want so verizon can pivot into modern tech and keep making