Hotspot disconnect

Is Verizon disconnecting our hotspot after about 15-20 minutes to save bandwidth?  Is it because they want to free up the connection for another user thinking we fell asleep or something?  What about those of us that are filling out our income tax of other forms and get our hotspot disconnected and have to start the process all over?  What about all the data we loose because our hotspot gets disconnected for no good reason?  I have to restart my phone to pick up another IP address to get reconnected but by then I have lost all my work and have to restart.  I have limited data so I also loose this data and it is charged against my maximum limit and that is such a waste.

I contacted Verizon support and of course they said there is no network issue causing this situation.  Apparently their technicians don't have access to this forum to see that so many customers have the same issue.  The same issue with different phone types, different tablets and in different locations.

Re: Hotspot disconnect
Customer Service Rep

Hello there fsrtraveler and thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are concerned to learn that you are having some trouble with the hotspot connection but we are here to help. The hotspot is not disconnected after 20 minutes of no activity as a network setting. Having used the hotspot for at least 7 or 8 years, I have not had this experience but we can continue troubleshooting this matter for you as it is a concerning occurrence. When connected to the hotspot, how many other devices are connected to the same signal?