Hotspot keeps disconnecting
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My hotspot has been disconnecting continuously. I have a portable Nebula movie projector that I’m using to connect the hotspot on my phone with. Just in the time it’s taken me to make this thread it has disconnected literally over a dozen times. I can’t watch a single YouTube video that’s only 9 mins long without it disconnecting a dozen plus times. I’m in an area with full bars and 5Guw. I’ve have reset my network settings and refreshed my hotspot multiple times. I am not connected to any other devices other than the nebula projector. I will connect to my Apple laptop day to day and the same thing happens with it. Letting me know, it’s not the projector but either my hotspot or my phone. 

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I'm sorry to hear your hotspot has been disconnecting. We will send a private note to further troubleshoot. -Joe