How does Smarthub work?
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Is there any similar product available now like the SmartHub?  A cellular based smart home device?  I see you have the Arlo Go camera that is cell based, why not a hub that can run other devices as well?

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Re: How does Smarthub work?
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Having a device connected to a one Hub is a nice feature to have. The Smarthub is the only device that is currently offered. This offer one communication Hub for multiple devices. Control, monitor and even set routines for your smart home devices all from the Verizon Home™ app. Connect up to 200 devices, including:

• Thermostats
• Lights
• Security cameras
• Motion sensors

• Carbon monoxide detectors
• Water sensors
• Door & window sensors
• Door locks

You can view all details on this device here: AlbertoR_VZW