How many gigs do you get when you purchase the refill cards from Walmart?

Just how many gigs do you get when you purchase the refill cards from Walmart? Have spoken with Verizon Reps and some have said $60.00 will get you 5 gigs,and some Reps have said $60.00 will get you 6 gigs....Also the options on the cards are $30/$60/$90....when asked what you get for a $90.00 refill card I'm told you get 5 gigs and a $30.00 credit....asked how do you get more than the 5 gig or 6 gig was told you need to purchase a $100.00 refill card to get 10 gigs...asked what if you purchased a $60.00 then an additional $60.00 card a week later and you still had available data in your account what would you get????and was told again it would get you 5 gigs with a $60.00, I need to know just what you get for the money you spend!!!! At present I feel like I'm getting RIPPED OFF!!!!! to me let's get this straight...Thanks in advance for your help.


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Making sure that you are getting the right amount of data is super important. I want to make sure you are getting the right information. Please give our prepaid customer service a call and we will be sure to get this straightened out for you in no time. Their number is: 888-294-6804.
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This is the card you want:


There are now 5 Prepaid data plans to choose from:

$15 – 500MB for 7 days

$20 – 1GB for 1 month

$35 – 2GB for 2 months

$60 – 5GB for 2 months

$100 – 10GB for 2 months

Login to the Mobile Broadband Portal using your Prepaid MyVerizon credentials:

Does the default page show you have an Account Balance?

Your Account Balance expires in X days from the day that balance was created:

Less than $29.99 in 30 Days

$30.00 to $74.99 in 90 Days

$75.00 to $99.99 in 180 Days

$100.00 and above in 365 Days

If you have additional questions just ask.