How to connect security cameras

It says I have to connect an ethernet cable to the router but there is no place on the jetpack for that so what do I do to connect my security camera

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Being able to setup your security cameras properly is very important. I am happy to assist you with trying to link them using your jetpack. What model of security camera are you looking to setup? Also, what model of jetpack are you using as well?


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It sounds like your two devices are incompatible.

You either need to setup a WiFi bridge to convert the WiFi signal of the Jetpack to an Ethernet cable the security camera can communicate with or purchase a VZW device with an Ethernet port on it.

Setting up a WiFi bridge can be a relatively small investment.  You need to aquire a 2nd home router and configure it to connect to the Jetpack as if it were an Access Point.  Then let the 2nd home router provide Ethernet cable connectivity to the Security camera.

Note that even though you can create the kind of connection that you need through additional devices your security camera will still be locked behind the NAT firewall configuration of VZW.  That means it will only be accessible on a local network and not remotely unless you happened to purchase one with a built in cloud service.  The cloud service allows the camera to reach out of the NAT firewall and communicate with an authenticated user of that cloud service.