Huge Issue & Totally Misled - Mifi Home 4GLTE w/4 Lines for "Extra" Data!!!!!!!
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We own a business in town and have always used Verizon for our companies cell provider, so when we moved out of the city into the country we went in to the local Verizon store to talk about options for service and internet since there is nothing available out here aside from satellite internet. At that time in November of 2016 we had 2 phones and were sharing 20Gigs of data between us. When I went to the Verizon store here is what happened...

-To solve my internet issue, they told me I had to take a Jetpack to the house for a minimum of 3 days to see if it would provide the solution to my internet problems. - It did not.

-I brought it back and explained again how important it was for us to have active 4gtle internet regardless of the price as we have to run our business off of it. I download and upload a large amount of graphics and video which burns through our data but it is something I had to accept with the new house. Now that we brought the Jetpack back, the "Business" Rep said he would give us a MIFI home which would provide ample service to the house and push out the amount of high speed data we pay for. At that point in time we were paying around $7-800 each month for our plan with just my wife and I.

-The employee who took an interest in personally helping us said the best thing for us to do now that we have been given the MIFI is to get 2 more lines and upgrade our Iphone 5s to 7s because they were running a special for a limited time. He assured me that with each line I would gain an extra "Free" 10gig of 4GLTE per line and only be paying the line fee.......

-So now still in the November - December 2016 time frame my wife and I are signed up for some crazy amount of data in the 100s of gigs to ensure we could have internet fast enough to run our business from home. I had a bad feeling that the above mentioned plan and the amount of money we were having to pay were inaccurate but need the internet and had no options. So for about 4 or 5 months we continued our service with our original 2 lines, the mifi and the 2 additional lines that are hooked up to iphones we do not use......

-I believe it was sometime in Feb or March of 17 when after extensive research we decided to switch to the "unlimited" plan which cut our bill down nearly 70%!! We were very leary of this whole thing because Verizon was banking off of our need for a large amount of monthly data, why would they now allow us to use the same amount at a fraction of the price?

-TO OUR HUGE SURPRISE - It worked, perfectly. For about 2 months I was able to run the business from my office without a single issue. My wife even started streaming a series or 2 on Amazon. It was absolutely great and solved so many problems. BUUUUT

-Our plan renewed on the 8th of May(give or take) and by the 11th of May my wife and I received about 5 text messages each saying that we have used our 10 gigs allowed on the MIFI Home and our service would now be dropped to 3G!! This was something that NO ONE from Verizon had told us, NO ONE had warned us about this and for the first few months, was NOT an issue at all!

-We made sure to clarify with our local reps and via chat and phone with Verizon that our speeds would not be reduced and that we were only going to save money......Now I have 4 phones and the MIFI. We only use one phone each(obviously) and now we can not run the business from the house because our speed is so slow that I can barely get my email to open. To write this message here, I had to turn my phone into a hotspot and connect it to the laptop directly.....This is ridiculous.

-I attempted to use a chat 3 times and was cut off due to connectivity. I can not begin to express how absolutely absurd this is. I am losing money hand over fist at this point and everything I am reading on the internet is that many people have this exact issue. We were told one thing - we got it for a month or 2 and then BAM the "real" speed kicks in......and we got suckered into getting 2 more lines for the "free" data that we do not even get any longer because everything is "Unlimited" with a catch. I hate to say it but I honestly feel like the Verizon store totally misled me and the reps were not educated enough on the new "Unlimited Plan" to shoot us straight before getting us into this god awful situation.

-Verizon - This really needs addressed and quick. The health of my company depends on it

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Switch back to the tiered plan ASAP for your data only device.  If you have to separate it out into a sub-account, do it. Data Only Plan | Verizon Wireless

The 10 GB high speed hotspot limit has be part of new Verizon Unlimited plan's details since the beginning.  Why they were not enforcing it right away, I don't know.

Get unlimited data on the network you deserve: Verizon | About Verizon

The new Verizon Plan Unlimited FAQs | Verizon Wireless

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.