I am a telecommuter and have a week long trip to take.
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Interested in the Jetpack but I'm also wondering can it handle my daily activities. I log in with a VPN via laptop. My laptop is a softphone, I have webex meetings and may need to share my desktop on occasions.  I also use up to 6 different applications once I log in. .

wondering if my speeds would be slow or comparable to my home wifi.

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Nothing that requires DDNS or a public facing IP address will work without a static IP address which requires a one time fee of $500. Everything listed should work with a static IP address. Speed averages 5 to 12 Mbps, YMMV. Speed shouldn’t be a problem with or without a static IP address. The static IP address is tied to the device and non-transferable.


Better devices are available, especially if you’re using a non-transferable static IP address.

M2M Craddlepoint Gateway (multi-band 3G/4G modem & router)



Data Sheet, Data Sheet & Manual https://cradlepoint.com/products/cor-ibr600-series


Without a static IP address, VZW connects your device to their carrier-grade NAT, so you have to get through that. Many VPN Clients work while Google Desktop is the only VPN Server that appears to work. Verizon is the telephone company and they expect you to pay them for telephone service, especially on their wireless network. Google Voice works, but it is unlikely that any generic software softphone will work, even with a static IP address.


I cannot comment about Webex other than it is more likely to work with a static IP address than it is without one.

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Yeah that was everything but English to me!!! I should also mention that I use a company supplied laptop. So I'm guessing it has its own up address. Being that I can go to any one of out thousands of locations and sign on to there wifi???

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> wondering if my speeds would be slow or comparable to my home wifi.

That entirely depends on what you have to work with on your normal home WiFi and what you do with the connection after its running.  WiFi is WiFi so the Jetpack will be comparible from a local connection point of view to your home router provided you are within its range (which isn't that big).  However, what you are really asking about is the throughput (internet speed) offered by the 4G LTE network.  As 7e stated 4G LTE has a standard performance range of 5-12 Mbps.  Ehen you add things into the equation such as a VPN, poor coverage or high interference then your results will vary.

Generally speaking a Jetpack will perform the duties that you need and have acceptable performance for most users.  A better question for your employers would be is 5-12 Mbps enough bandwidth to do what you need as an employee?  If so then great, the Jetpack or any other 4G LTE device will be a sufficient option.  If not then it might be better for you to invest into something else for your trip.  Something like researching local free hotspots at coffee shops or restaurants near the location where you plan to stay.

Also as 7e stated you will not have a static public IP address with a Jetpack.  If you have applications that require the ability to lookup and connect directly into your laptop then you will be out of luck without the assistance of a VPN or purchasing a true static IP address from VZW.