I have lost the adminstrator password how do I?

First, I know there has to be a way to hard reset my ellipsis jetpack mhs700L model.  I do not have the administrator password which apparently was set up.  I hit the lost password link and it asks me a security question my DOB....which I obviously put in but it wont accept my answer so I am locked out of my hotspot.  I am trying to reset the SSID and password on the hotspot.  I do not recall ever having set my DOB up...so that is an odd security question.

The online help says this hard reset can only be done via online @ the my.jetpack site but I can't do so if I do not have the information they want.  There has to be a work around or how would Verizon ever refurbish these units for resale?  So I think it is hogwash that there isn't a way to physically hard reset these.  It is more likely that the company would prefer that information is not out there probably due to hotspot theft concerns.  I understand that but it don't help those of us who are legitimately attempting to reprogram the units we own.  I already attempted the reset using the reset button located near the sim port but that did not do anything.

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