Jet pack barely functioning

I'm working in a tiny little office with only one computer connected to our 4G LTE jet pack and ever since yesterday the WiFi has been incredibly slow. We work with a Point of Sale system and it's taking up to 4 minutes to do a transaction with a customer. I've tried restarting it, removing the SIM card, etc. Nothing works. Please help.

(I don't personally belong to Verizon, but my workplace uses jet packs)

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Which Jetpack? You can login to the user interface at, and check the Jetpack Settings > Advanced > Networks section to verify it’s not in 1X. It should be in Auto for best results. You can also try 4G or 3G only. Also, you might try changing the Wi-Fi channel from Auto to channel 1, 6 or 11, and Save Settings so it takes effect after restarting. Usually, one of the three works best so you might have to try 11 if you tried 1 without an improvement.

You can also try to restore the factory defaults or Reset.