Jetpack 5510L randomly shuts down

After about 2 months of working flawlessly my JP 5510L started shutting down on its own.  does not restart- have to reboot manually. It's kept plugged into the charger so not a battery life issue. Finally received a replacement yesterday that does the same thing. Software says it's up to date.  Setting is for it to never shut down as we also use it for wireless security cams when traveling. We're in a 3G only area BUT a previous JP we had never had this problem. Ideas, solutions all welcome.

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VZW to the rescue! Let's get yor device working right. How often is it shutting off? When this happens does the device completely turn off or is it going dormant?

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Do you have a shirt on? Good!  Wash your hands and pull the battery out, lick you finger and rub it across, back and forth several times, on the gold contacts on the battery. Then polish those contacts with your shirt tail, taking about 20 seconds from the time you lick your finger until you’re done with your shirt tail. Very simple, very easy to do!

Look in the Jetpack where the battery’s gold contacts mate. The Jetpack’s contacts need to be cleaned too. They’re spring loaded, they push into the Jetpack. DO NOT move them sideways! (1) Lick your finger just once! (2) Place it on the contacts pushing them in and pull your finger up! (3) Repeat item 2, five to ten times. (4) Repeat item 2 using your shirt tail several times. Again, push them in, do not move them sideways!

Next, lift the retaining clip that holds the SIM Card in place, put your finger nail on the opposite end of the SIM Card and push it toward the retaining clip end as far as you can push it. Put your finger on the opposite end and push the SIM Card back into place and secure the retaining clip.

Put the Jetpack back together and then use the Jetpack with the battery until the Jetpack cuts off because the battery is depleted. Connect external power to the Jetpack, use it as you please, but allow the battery to fully charge before disconnecting external power, or leave it connected.  

Repeat everything I just told you the next time the Jetpack fails for any reason, and it will fail, again, because it is not designed to be used the way you're using it.

You can avoid this by observing the instructions in the User Guide to disconnect the device from external power when the battery is charged, like the Jetpack’s display will tell you when it is done charging. A regular routine of picking up the Jetpack, moving it around, disconnecting it from external power, turning it on or off, setting it down, and connecting it to external power will disturb the electro-mechanical connection points that conduct electron movement between the battery and the Jetpack, just enough to keep it working without having to clean the contracts on a regular basis.

For additional information, see John’s post in this thread on the topic!


I have a suggestion. Maybe plug it into a digital timer set for random. This way it will cycle the battery in the jetpack. It works for my M1000 perfectly, however the Ethernet connection gets lost and has to be turned back on manually. The Wi-Fi turns back on automatically. I believe this feature of the jetpack to shut down has something to do with protecting the battery. With my old mi-fi I just took the battery out of the jetpack and left it plugged in all the time, however the m1000 will not work unless there battery in it. Verizon seems to be working against us for wifi at the house. They have a home wifi but it requires a home phone as well. Get with it Verizon.