Jetpack Suspension Policy

Every summer, we visit northern Georgia for about 6 months.  We have an RV and are situated in an RV park where there is no direct Wi-Fi service provided.  We currently use a T-Mobile cellphone that provides a “WI-Fi hotspot”.  Last Summer, the T-Mobile service was only 2G here and the service/performance was pretty bad.  Also, we signed up for 1GB of usage for a month –These performance and usage parameters were not very attractive at the time.


We are not a Verizon phone user, but on a friend’s recommendation we purchased a Verizon Jetpack in August, 2015 to provide 5GB Wi-Fi service for $50 per month and were specifically told by the sales rep that while we were not here (for 6 months), we could suspend our Verizon service in 90-day increments for a total of 180 days.  This suited us perfectly – the Wi-Fi service was good and we could use it while here and suspend it when not in use, at no charge.


Last Fall, Verizon changed their policy regarding service suspension and this is pretty upsetting in our situation.  The new policy is: you can suspend service for only 90 days and must pay $10.00 per month. Thereafter, you must pay the full amount, even though it is not being used.  This change of policy “stinks” and is leading us toward terminating our service and suffering the Early Termination Fee (ETF).  We purchased the Jetpack with the understanding that we could suspend service for a total of 180 days over a year’s period.  Now, Verizon has changed policy in mid-stream for us.


In the meantime, T-Mobile has upgraded their service up here to 4G and increased our usage to 3GB per month at no extra charge.  For an extra $10 we can upgrade to 5GB, or for $20 we can upgrade to 10GB.  Considering Verizon’s policy change, these T-Mobile changes are pretty attractive.


The proper solution here is for Verizon to honor their previous commitment and “grandfather” in the clients who purchased during that earlier time-frame and continue the previous policy.  There is a market segment here that Verizon is ignoring: The use of Jetpacks for people like us who are RV’ers or “part-timers” and do not use the device or service for more than six months during vacations.  In discussions with various Verizon Customer and Technical representatives over the past six months, everyone seems to agree with us that Verizon needs to re-evaluate this policy change and honor their previous policy. 


There are other options available to us now and it might provide more cost-effective for us to terminate our Verizon service.  This is not something we want to do, but based on this new, non-sense policy and the increased expenses, it may become necessary.  We hope this information will be passed up the chain of command to those who can affect change and revert back to what we (you and us) originally agreed to. 


Should anyone need additional information from us, we may be reached by cellphone at [Personal information removed as required by the Verizon Wireless Terms of Service]


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I would not count on a policy change and you should decide if termination fees is cheaper than paying out the contract. Do what is best for you.


Anyone know the policy for the prepaid jetpack plans. I wish to use it rarely and only buy it by the month when I need to use it. So buy a month then not maybe for another 3 months use it for a month again.

Customer Service Rep

Lynsky, we understand that you are interested in the options you have for your Prepaid Jetpack. The good news is that we have some helpful tools online that will give you just the answers that you are looking for. Please feel free to review this link: And focus on the "Suspend / Reconnect Service" section of your suspend options for Prepaid Accounts. Does this information help to clarify your concerns?